Fish Tank River Reef Glass Aquarium 94L



Fish Tank Interpet LED Lighting River Reef Glass Aquarium - 96 Litre

Box Contains

1 x Each of Filter Start and Tapsafe

  • 1 x Set Each of one row of Blue and four rows of White LED Lighting
  • 1 x Built in filter with filter media, foam, carbon and bio media
  • 1 x Deltatherm Heater 100w

    Product Description

    For Beginners and Experienced Fish Keepers Alike

    Our highly popular River Reef Aquariums are making a big return with an enhanced, new, stylish slimline hood and high output LED lighting. The low heat, low wattage lighting removes the need for noisy cooling fans which are common in this type of aquarium.

    All You Need To Succeed

    These aquariums are a must for any consumer wanting to run a successful tropical or marine aquarium. With curved and toughened glass, these will both last the test of time, and allow you to see your beautiful fish from any angle, we have also inserted high output, low wattage LEDs. Coupled with our integrated filter, complete with bio and filter media, tapsafe, filter start and our best selling deltatherm heater, you have everything you need to start successful fish keeping. The latest River Reef LED litre Aquariums are designed for a live planted aquarium or a Marine Coral Reef with the lid of the aquarium housing four rows of seven high performance LED lighting for day and one row of seven blue LED's ideal for night viewing, giving excellent lighting for fish and plants and corals.

    Aquariam Set Up Process

    Week 1: Building the System - Unpacking your aquarium, adding the substrate, fitting the filter and heater to your aquarium, treating and adding the water. Days 2 to 14: Allowing the water to mature, adding the corals and testing the water at the end of week 1 & 2 Weeks 3 and 4: Bringing the Aquarium to life: Tidying up the tank and testing the quality of the water. Adding your first fish. Weeks 5 to 7: Increasing the Fish Population: Adding your second fish. Weeks 8 to 12: Towards a Stable System: First small water change, testing the water, feeding your plants and adding your third fish. Week 12: The Finished Display: Cleaning your tank, testing the water and admiring your aquatic paradise.

    River Reef Internal Filter Filtration and Lighting Cycles

    Filtration and aeration in any aquarium is essential to maintain the quality of the water, and also remove any particles which may cause illness in your fish whilst ensuring that oxygen levels are kept at an optimum. The Reef aquariums come with an inbuilt filter, complete with ceramic bio-media to house the good, cleaning bacteria and the carbon foam. Searching on Amazon will show you the replacement foams you will require for your monthly replacement schedule as well as the polymer wool. Lighting your aquarium properly is just as important as filtration as it replicates natural light, meaning you should set your light timing to 10 hours on, and 14 hours off to simulate normal daylight/nighttime.

    Routine Maintenance

    The display aquarium you have created is a living environment that will change and develop over a period of time. To keep it looking good, it is vital to carry out routine maintenance. All the living organisms in the aquarium produce waste. If this is allowed to build up, the biological cycles will become overloaded and the display will disintegrate. Most of the daily tasks take only a few minutes. Check the water temperature. Check/empty the protein skimmer. Check for missing fish. Check that the internal filter is working properly. Feed the fish, making sure that they all receive some. Check that the lights are working. Remove any uneaten food. Check salinity using a hydrometer. Every 7-14 days Test the water for pH, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels. Clean the front and side glass of the aquarium to prevent a buildup of algae. Make a 15% water change and refill the aquarium with conditioned water at the same temperature. Every 4-6 weeks Clean the internal filter, including the impeller and casing. Clean the filter foam in tank water. Replace expendable filter media, such as filter wool.

    Siting Your Aquarium

    When you have decided to set up a marine, tropical freshwater or coldwater aquarium, your crucial first decision is where you would place it in your home. Clearly, it will dictate the size and shape of tank you can consider. Choosing a location: There is usually a place in every home suitable for an aquarium. Its location can have a great influence on how successful an aquarium is. It might mean changing the layout of an entire room to accommodate the aquarium in its best position.

    A Guide to Fish Health and Common Issues - From 194-199 of Setting up a Tropical Aquarium

    This will help you identify the problem and apply the best remedy, but please speak to an aquatic specialist prior to using any treatments below. ● Symptoms: Mouth rot Cottonwool-like growths around the mouth could be a bacterial/fungal infection. Use a treatment that will tackle both types of infection. Interpet Anti Fungus and Finrot – Number 8 Treatment ● Symptoms: Swollen eyes These may be caused by an internal bacterial infection and can be seen in fish affected by dropsy. A tumour behind the eye could also cause this symptom. Interpet Anti Internal Bacteria – Number 9 Treatment ● Symptoms: Slime patches These are caused by the fish’s immune response to protozoan skin parasites. In severe cases, the slime (mucus) patches will cover most of the body. May be accompanied by flicking behaviour and clamped, folded fins. Use an antiparasite treatment. Interpet Anti Slime and Velvet – Number 7 Treatment ● Symptoms: Fine gold spots Very fine gold spots are typical symptoms of velvet disease caused by a skin parasite. Treat quickly with a targeted anti-parasite remedy. Interpet Anti Crustacean Parasite – Number 12 Treatment ● Fungus Any skin damage may become infected with fungus to produce cottonwool-like growths. To be sure, use a medication that will deal with both external bacteria and fungus. Interpet Anti Fungus and Finrot – Number 8 Treatment ● Symptoms: Ragged fins/edges to the fins, which may also be red and sore, are signs of a bacterial infection known as finrot. Use an antibacterial treatment to stop it spreading to the body. Damaged fin tissue may regrow once the infection has been cured. Interpet Anti Fungus and Finrot – Number 8 Treatment ● Symptoms: Protruding scales Swelling with scales protruding like a pinecone, commonly known as dropsy, is caused by an internal bacterial infection that inhibits the fish’s ability to control the level of water in its body. Use an antibacterial treatment. Interpet Anti Internal Bacteria – Number 9 Treatment

    Marine Algae - Ideal to soak up nitrates in your tank
    Why Plant Your Aquarium

    Your aquarium is a miniature version of the natural world. Powered by bacteria, the nitrogen cycle converts nitrogen rich wastes into a series of successively less poisonous substances. By planting macro-algaes in your aquarium, these Nitrates are readily taken up by the plants as a food source, usefully reducing levels in the tank.

    Your finished masterpiece
    The Finished Display

    After twelve weeks, the aquarium is continuing to progress, the fish are happy and your aquarium is a beautiful centerpiece in your home.

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