Wishlist Freshfields Animal Rescue

Freshfields Animal Rescue is a community focussed non-profit making charitable organisation caring for abandoned, abused and unwanted domestic and small farm animals along with sick and injured wildlife.

We serve our local communities via the rescue and rehoming services we provide and we act to support community, local wildlife and the environment through our urban conservation initiatives. We provide temporary refuge and sanctuary for an endless cycle of animals in need of help with each animal receiving the food, medication, socialisation and emotional healing required before re-homing or release.

We passionately believe that the wellbeing and future success of every species of animal and bird is a shared responsibility. Through our outreach and education initiatives our aim is not just to inspire high standards of welfare and respect for all animals but to empower each individual (young or old) to work towards achieving this goal.

If you would like to purchase any items from the Trust's wish list, below is list of items to choose from. All items purchased in will be sent to the trust on a regular basis, also with 5% of the purchase donated to the trust. At the shopping cart/checkout please use the Notes Box and type "SEND TO FRESH". 

*Important - use your own address for the shipping address but don't worry, the items will still go directly to the trust. Thank you!

If you would like to purchase an item for your own pet then please visit the romypets SHOP. Use the code FRESH at the checkout and 5% of each purchase will go towards the trust.


 Burns Penlan Farm              

 Burns Active 12kg

   Hills Ideal Balance No Grain

  Kong Braidz Dog Toy

   XL Dog Bed

   Dog Collar Comfort


    Felix Cat Food Country Recipes

  Feliway Cat Pheromone Spray

  Felix Senior Cat Food


  Sumo Cat Toilet

  Cat Scratcher

        Furbuster Comb

Small Animals

    Ferret Food

    Feeding Hay

   Hedgehog Food

     Dried Meal Worms for Birds

   Small Animal Activity Toy

    Bunny Warren Fun Tunnel

Thank you for your support and don't forget at the shopping cart/checkout please use the Notes Box and type "SEND TO FRESH".