Vizslamentes UK Rescue Trust

Vizslamentes UK Rescue Trust

So this week Romypets has partnered with the incredible Vizslamentés UK Rescue Trust (registered charity number 1162503). 

The Trust is a  UK based charity which supports the only specialist HPR breed rescue in Hungary – their sister organisation Vizslamentés Hungary. Vizslamentés Hungary operates under the umbrella of a larger rescue organisation (the Elveszett Allatok Foundation – a fully registered and audited charity which rescues many different sorts of animals).

The majority of dogs that come into their care are in Hungary; they have seen everything from direct cruelty cases, to elderly dogs that have become too costly to keep, to litters of unwanted puppies, abandonments and confiscations – no dog is turned away and everything possible is done to help every dog. They have a highly and incredible respected reputation in Hungary for their rescue work and the shelters and animal police approach them when they have a pointer in their care.

A percentage of dogs that come into their care are deemed suitable for rehoming in the UK, those with the personalities and health to cope with the journey, the change and the pet homes that are offered – around a quarter to a third of all the dogs rescued come to UK homes, the rest are adopted in Hungary. They don’t rehome anywhere else in the world, mostly due to lack of resource elsewhere

Romypets have created a wish list for donators to purchase items for the trust.  All items are sent to Hungary each month and 5% of each donation is also sent to the trust.  Please click on this link if you would like to donate :-

Thank you for your support

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