Top Tips to help your pet have a stress free bonfire night

Top Tips to help your pet have a stress free bonfire night

A high percentage of pets are thought to have a phobia of fireworks and the noise it brings. Here are a few tips to help them cope with the flashes and bangs that come with Bonfire night!


Play/exercise – Exercise or playing can help to relieve stress and anxiety in pets especially dogs. A vigorous walk well before night fall, or a play session, should distract them as well as tire them out.  With winter approaching and the nights growing colder make sure you have a dog coat or jumper for your dog. Hotterdog coats and jumpers are the best at this time of year.

Safe spaces – Make sure there are safe spaces available for your pet when they are frightened. Prepare a den or comfortable bed to retreat to in advance.

Shut it out – Shut the curtains, cover cages and check all exits so your pet can’t escape (charities, trusts and shelters often report that this week is their busiest time of year)

Relax – Make sure you stay relaxed, your pet will be more relaxed too, so make sure you don’t fuss or reassure too much

Pheromones  - These are the most commonly used tool by pet owners and vets. They are proven to help reduce stress and anxiety significantly.

Look after yourself and your pet this coming Bonfire night!!



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